Privacy Policy

The Opus One, and respect the rights of your personal information, we are paying close attention to the handling thereof. So you are able to trust the customer, the information we have received from our customers is always protected, to ensure that you use a minimum of the range required for the sale. In addition, in order to provide products and services that satisfy our customers, we established here in privacy policy. In addition, at the time of purchase, by the United States federal government and the law of California, you need to prove that you have reached the legal age for your age can buy alcoholic beverages. In addition to get your personal information in the winery, also may obtain tracking information to be reported to the third party. These information will be used only to statistical purposes. It is intended for the analysis of consumer trends, it does not include your personal information.

Information collection and its use

The Opus One, you may be asked to provide your personal information in the following cases. :

The Company, so we understand fully the importance of the confidentiality of personal information, pay close attention to the management of the file, will not be shared with external organizations in any case. The same is true for Opus One of your order online. Information that has been collected online are protected by encryption software. Opus customers of information that one has collected, is stored in a secure server to protect from illegal access. Since the web site access and link will always be monitored, it will be able to accommodate the structure of the web site. In addition, if it is a contact us by E-mail, you may also be asked to provide an e-mail address.

Change of personal information

If you wish to change personal information, by E-mail  or, please let us know until the phone (707)944-9442.


A cookie is the data stored in the end user's hard drive loaded with access directly related to certain information to the web site of the Opus One. Information that is stored in cookies, Opus One only is accessible, sold to outside under any circumstances, never to be shared. We can use the cookies to store the session ID, which will allow you to manage your shopping cart and personal information. In addition, the cookies, it will be able to maintain the session information in the Opus One to the customer the next time to buy.

E-mail Opt-out

If in the Opus One to deliver the E-mail, we can not follow the laws of the United States federal government. If you would like to stop the E-mail delivery, after receiving the mail delivery stop of the request, or after receiving the contact as "not want to receive" to, deletion of address within 1 to 10 It will do. If you have multiple addresses, in order to completely remove from the database of Opus One, you will need to be delivered stops at each address.